The Project

The goal of this blog is to post the latest news and publications on mass atrocity and genocide, particularly on prevention and risks. I will also post my own articles and comments. The aim is to focus mostly on current or recent conflicts. The idea was born out a realization that there is a lack of blogs that focus specifically on mass atrocity crimes and genocide prevention, forcing us to get these news from here and there. While there are a lot of blogs and website on international relations, foreign policy, human rights, and conflict studies, I felt that something was missing. I believe that preventing mass atrocities is about education and knowledge. Without knowledge and awareness there can be no advocacy, no political will or active strategies to push our leaders to act on atrocity and genocide prevention.

I currently work for the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Prevention (MIGS) and focused on peace and conflict studies for most of my studies. Every day I deal with these issues, read the news and will therefore do my best to keep you informed about what I read and what I think.

I welcome any suggestions or book reviews, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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