The Monday newsroll


Video: “Preventing Genocide in the 21st Century”, Tony Blixen on Syria, international security and human rights

“Opinion: Stop Atrocities before they start”, Michael Shank and Madeline Rose.Very interesting article on the importance of civil society and the public in conflict prevention, especially on their capacity to put pressure on the US Congress. The authors also commend the Obama administration Atrocity Prevention Board.

Prevention at the State Level“, Peace Brief by Jonas Claes, United States Institute for Peace


“Is Obama’s Red Line a Green Light? It’s time for the president to to back up his words with action”, Salman Shaikh, Foreign Policy, 29 April 2013.


The Betrayal of Darfur. And the man who tried to stop it.” A great interview with Dr. Mukesh Kapila, head of the United Nations mission in Sudan in 2003-2004. He insists that “No positive lessons have been learned from Darfur” and argues that there is “a lack of personal accountability of not just the genocidaires but leaders in the UN and international community who stood by and did nothing.” He also speaks about the principle of R2P.

Sudan and LRA

“Group: Sudan army supporting fugitive warlord Kony”, Rodney Muhumuza, Associated Press

“Joseph Kony was Here” On crisis mapping and the LRA.  Using satellite imagery and testimony former LRA rebels,  “Hidden in Plain Sight: Sudan’s Harboring of the LRA in the Kafia Kingi Enclave, 2009-2013,”   documents the renewal of Sudan’s support to the LRA from 2009 to early 2013. This is also a great report on the use of new technologies for human rights documentation and, hopefully, prevention.


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