What I’m reading

A few interesting reads I stumbled upon this week:

Al-Bashir: “As he acts with impunity, many wonder what the “red line” will be for the two Sudans.”

Obama administration and Sudan: “The difference in Obama administration policy and management toward the Syria and the two Sudans crises are stark.”

“The Atrocities Prevention Board’s record to date is decidedly mixed.”

“Today, R2P clings to life support in Syria, as the civilian body count there mounts to appalling levels.”

“Does Syria Mean the End of the Responsibility to Protect?” – 

“The ‘obligation to prevent’ and the ‘obligation to punish’ constitute therefore the core legal obligations the violation of which would render other articles of the Convention meaningless. They are the matrix of the Genocide Convention in that they inform and shape the contours, meaning and implications of the other provisions of the Convention.”

“Despite the narrative from diplomats and journalists that Sudan’s civil war is mostly over, Janjaweed gunmen are still terrorizing the region. This time, no one’s paying attention.” 

Op-ed on Samantha Power’s nomination

How regimes take control of official media channels and push activists onto the Internet.

 “These days, Turks find themselves caught in the crossfire between highly politicized media organizations, so it is not surprising that when people want news they trust their own networks.”

“Amidst intense fighting between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military in Northern Nigeria the need for a political solution to the conflict remains. How could the Nigerian authorities cope with the Islamist insurgency both politically and legally?”





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